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Just another day.

December 3, 2009

Not feeling so well today.

Woke up due to the extremely irritating stomachache. =(

But maybe because it couldn’t stand me waking up so ‘early’. :X

Anyway, today shall be another boring day for me.

Comp, tv, eat for the rest of the day ?

Today WILL be my revision day.

Going off to wild wild wet this saturday with my family.

Gonna be more TANNED. hahaha. 😀


New blog on the go :]

December 2, 2009

After having a blog in for approximately 3 years, shall become my next blog site ! :] Looks kind of professional and neat, which is better compared to, with loads of  different tools. Fun and interesting to someone like me who never use wordpress before. My first post in wordpress. Hope it won’t be the one and only. =]